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About Us

Remy Green Botanics create simple, elegant formulations balancing complex and functional natural ingredients to nourish your skin and cultivate a sense of wellbeing.


“I want you to feel like you are doing something good for your skin and something good for you. Each formulation has a substantial amount of each ingredient to contain enough of that particular component for it to make a difference rather than being used at 1% for the sake of a marketing buzzword. The aim is to create products that support optimum skin health. Here, you will find straight up, good for you, efficacious blends of ingredients designed by me from a holistic perspective - it’s not just about what you put on your skin but how you treat your body and mind too. It’s about balance” - Remy, Founder.  



The Story


Having worked as a fashion model for the past 10 years, Remy’s skin suffered from a daily onslaught of heavy makeup and harsh skincare products. This, coupled with international travel caused so many skin nightmares and led Remy on the path to search for more natural products that would heal her skin and that weren’t full bulking agents, mineral oils or PEGs. During this time Remy’s Mother was also experimenting with natural oils to treat her own skin conditions to which she had immediate results. Both mother and daughter were so impressed by the functionality of natural ingredients that Remy decided to retrain and pursue a career in plant based cosmetics.