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Our Ingredients


All of our ingredients are vegan, cruelty free and 100% natural. We are passionate about the quality and ethics behind what we do and work with a small handful of lovely UK based suppliers, who go above and beyond to source beautiful ingredients directly from growers through fair trade and partnership. Remy personally blends and tests all of our formulas to ensure consistent quality; we are very mindful of our heating and cooling processes so as not to damage the precious oils' natural composition, keeping their delicate balance of benefits intact.



Our sea green boxes are fully recyclable and can be put straight into the card/mixed paper recycling bin. We have chosen to house our formulations in amber glass jars and bottles to protect the products, helping to extend their shelf life.
Our signature box represents the infinity of the sea, sky and nature and reflects the colour of the ocean visible from our studio in Pembrokeshire. Sea green is intuitive, elegant and calming; let it inspire you to move through your day with ease and grace.