Rémy Green is anchored in the Celtic philosophy that Living Well is strengthened by a deeper connection with nature. A modern apothecary of consciously crafted products made from mindfully sourced natural ingredients harvested on the Welsh shores and beyond.

Celtic Culture. At its heart, Identifying with Celtic Culture is about holding deep respect for the natural world and learning the interconnectedness of the universe. By embracing the rhythmic cycles of nature we can align ourselves with this magical current and cultivate a sacred relationship with the land, sea and all living things.

Crafted with nature. Each natural skincare ingredient is mindfully sourced to respect land, sea and communities, from our nourishing fair trade shea butter to upcycled apricot oil. Our hero ingredient, wild sea kelp extract, is proudly sourced from Pembrokeshire's coastline through regenerative ocean farming; a cooperative that endeavours to improve the marine environment and wellbeing of the local community.


Minimalist and multipurpose. A considered approach to products and packaging, we favour simplicity and multifunctional formulations that offer multiple benefits in place of several products. Minimalism is about making room for more of what matters and results in making more conscious choices.


Holistic fragrance stories. Our sense of smell is intrinsically linked with our emotion and memory. Drawing on the aromatherapeutic benefits of natural essential oils, each product blend tells a story inspired by season and mythology to enhance wellbeing.