Wild Sea Kelp Extract

Wild Sea Kelp Extract

Wild harvested on the Welsh coastline. We proudly source our hero ingredient, wild sea kelp, from local Pembrokeshire shores through Regenerative Ocean Farming.

So, what is Regenerative Ocean Farming? Regenerative Ocean Farming is a system whereby two or more organisms can grow together, mimicking natural marine processes and maximising diversity. The goal is to leave the ocean better than what it was before. Car-y-Mor (Love of the Sea) is the community benefit society that operates the Regenerative Ocean Farm that grows the sea kelp we use in our products. They only farm species that are native to the local area and use a zero input method; that means the goodness of the salt water and sunlight are the only elements needed! 


5 Thing You Didn’t Know About Seaweed

  1. Seaweed is an umbrella term for various species of both kelp and seaweed, which are not actually plants but algae. In our extract we use Laminaria Digitata, a type of macroalgae that can grow up to 4 meters in length and is also known as Sea Tangle. 
  2. Sea kelp is brimming with proteins, amino acids and vitamins that can help to repair, nourish and soothe the skin. Laminaria Digitata is particularly abundant with antioxidants that protect against free radical damage which can lead to premature skin aging. 
  3. Growing seaweed through regenerative ocean farming brings in large amounts of new food sources and enhances the marine environment through the creation of nursery habitat, coastal storm protection and water filtering. It requires zero harmful inputs and creates jobs for local people in coastal communities. 
  4. Seaweed contains polysaccharides called alginates that hydrate and smooth the skin by forming a protective layer, whilst the laminaria found in the molecular structure fights oily lipids and blemishes helping to restore healthy skin.
  5. Seaweed may be the next biofuel and resource for plastics; fuels generated from this type of biomass have the potential to provide a low emission alternative to fossil fuels and fossil based plastics. Seaweed can be produced in abundance at a very high rate with just sunlight and seawater unlike land based biofuels such as sugarcane and corn that require fertilizer, pesticides and a lot of fresh water.


To learn more about Car y Mor and Regenerative Ocean Farming visit www.carymor.wales 

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