Intentional Rituals

Intentional Rituals

The power of intention setting and why it is part of our brand ethos.

Setting an intention may be something you’ve only ever done at the beginning of a Yoga class and might sound a bit woo-woo to some. However, it is scientifically proven that setting an intention can alter our reality. Our thoughts and words are energy that are capable of changing the molecular structure of matter. 

By bringing more consciousness to our thought process we increase neuroplasticity and can reclaim sovereignty over our chattering minds, stepping into a more empowered space. By actively choosing how we want to feel and what we want to experience, we become the co-creators of our lives rather than being a passive participant. 

The key to intention setting is that statements must be in the present, they must be positive and they must focus on the qualities of what you wish to experience as opposed to a rigid outcome (in Yogic philosophy this is known as practicing non-attachment). In this way, we remain open to all possibilities instead of getting caught up in the details. An intention may need a little fine tuning, but it’s worth taking time to understand how it aligns with your values. Here are two simple examples of how Intentional Rituals can be used to connect to nature and to yourself:

My intention is to be present with every step and filled with deep appreciation for all the beauty and life that surrounds me. 

How does it work? Because you made this intention, perhaps you left your headphones at home, refocused your mind on your environment disrupting undesirable thought patterns (creating new neural pathways) and observed wildlife that you hadn’t before (connecting to source). 

My intention is to make nurturing choices that nourish myself and my body.

How does it work? Because you made this intention, perhaps you made a conscious decision to go to an exercise class, or perhaps it was to stay home and take a bath resulting in a positive, purposeful outcome rather than going through the motions and becoming stuck in guilt or disappointment. 

We recommend writing out your intention and placing it somewhere in view. Every Rémy Green product ordered online comes with an affirmation card to help you integrate an Intentional Ritual into your day. 

In the words of Henry Thomas Hamblin:

“You are the architect of your own life.”

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